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Eminem Beefs with MGK, Joe Budden And Others

Rapper Eminem posted a multi-part interview to his Youtube channel with legendary hip-hop radio host Sway. In this part of the interview (part 2), Eminem addressed his controversy with Joe Budden, Slaughterhouse and Machine Gun Kelly.

Eminem made it clear that his beef with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) was not due to MGK tweeting about Eminem’s daughter being “hot as fuck.” Eminem said his reason for going after MGK was because he was dissed by MGK on a Tech N9ne album. Eminem also admitted that MGK’s Rap Devil track response was, “good for him.”

Not much was said about Joe Budden. Eminem stated that Joe could have used his voice in hip-hop to help push Slaughterhouse instead of dissing Eminem. Eminem also stated he had never dissed Joe, however, Joe was part of what inspired Eminem to create his Kamikaze album stating: “That’s kind of the attitude I took to this whole album Kamikaze; what if I give everyone my opinion about them.”

Eminem then went on to discuss Slaughterhouse, saying the project fell apart due to circumstance. Eminem said he thought Slaughterhouse naturally drifted apart and would maybe come back together. Eminem stated Slaughterhouse’s planned Glasshouse could still possibly be released one day.


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In part 3 of the interview with Sway, Eminem discusses why he called out rapper Tyler the Creator. View the video here. The list of feuds could go on and on, but the two main beefs with Joe Budden and Machine Gun Kelly have now been closed shut in the eyes of the Rap God.





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