Monday , 21 January 2019
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Kanye West Announces New Album ‘Yandhi’ Via Twitter

Known hip-hop legend, controversial celebrity and fashion designer Kanye West made what was a cryptic announcement via Twitter. Kanye posted a caption-less photo with an album cover similar to the Yeezus album.   Twitter @kanyewest Speculation arose that the announcement is a sequel to Yeezus. Fans were uncertain if this was …

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America Doesn’t Care About Puerto Ricans

Puerto Ricans lie lifeless; homes remain covered in tarps, people remain displaced, and there is no recovery in near sight. America’s handling of Hurricane Maria has been utterly incompetent and self serving. Anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 American citizens are dead as a result of the natural disaster. Our federal …

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Trump In Battle Against His Own Staff

This has been a difficult week for the Trump Administration; there has been rebellion inside the halls of the White House beginning with the release of journalist Bob Woodward’s book titled Fear. Fear appears to be a highly credible work, containing quotes from former and current Trump staff members stating that Trump is highly incompetent …

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